Wedding Party

Mariana Osuna

Maid of Honor

Mariana and Olivia met early in their college years while on the rowing team and became fast “sisters”. Mariana is the sister that Olivia never had... and was a kind of sister that pushed her out of her comfort zone and allowed her to be weird self in public.

Jennifer (Jen) Cruz


Jen and Olivia also met while on the rowing team and while in college live two houses away from each other and were the kind of friends where you could just walk over kick back watch a movie and relax.

Justine (DeLeeuw) Durham


Pauls sister and Olivias Bridesmaid! Justine is Always there for Paul for whatever kind of life advice he needs or fun family time. Although Justine will not be able to attend the wedding, she is still a honorary bridesmaid.

Mercedes Swiercek


Olivia met Mercedes while working at University of Washington (UWMC) together 3 years ago! Mercedes and Olivia recently started grad school together at Seattle Pacific University together... and will someday both become Nurse Practitioners.

Katie Tarabochia


Katie and Olivia met about 3 years ago in oreintation at UWMC and went through all the night shift rotations together. They lived 5 minutes away from eachother and would carpool to work together. Katie listened to all of Olivia's craziness and mood swings that came with night shift and always shut her down when she was being ridiculous... which was needed.

Maddie Sunderland


The story of Maddie and Olivia goes back to basically the day they were born... They grew up within walking distance of eachother and have kept a strong friendship through all the years and living several states apart. Olivia got to stand by Maddie's side as she married the man of her dreams and now Maddie will stand by Olivia's.

Will Durham

Best Man

Will Durham is the brother in law of Paul Deleeuw. He is a very smart guy with strong interests in sports and exercise. Most importantly, he is an amazing husband and will soon be an awesome future parentwith Justine Durham. Paul is thrilled to have Will he his best man and be apart of this joyous event.

Nathan Fine


Nathen is an incredible guy and has known Paul since his undergrad at Western Washington University. They met each other during a Jewish Chabad service and have been great friends ever since. Nathen is very outgoing and enjoys movies. Paul is very excited to have Nathen be apart of his groomsmen party.

Jonathan Amrhein


Paul is very honored to have Jonathan be apart of his groomsman party. Paul has known Jonathan since March and looks forward to having him be his future brother in law. Jonathan is very down to earth, has a great sense of humor, and shares similar music interest with Paul. He is also Olivia’s older brother who is always up for a fun new challenge, espeucally if It involves a new board game.
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