Olivia and Paul

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The Proposal

Paul decided to take Olivia to Portland for an overnight trip on a random Wednesday in January. Paul didn't have weekends off, so when the couple wanted to go on a trip they needed to go during the week. Paul chose Portland because it is close to Seattle, but it also is a special place because Portland is where they took their first "vacation" together. They woke up super early in the morning and Paul started the short trip down in the rain. The first stop on the itinerary was Multnomah Falls. Multnomah Falls is a beautiful waterfall and hiking area about 30 min outside of Portland. When they arrived there was a lot of construction and closures due to the wildfires that happened the previous summer. Paul started to get nervous and Olivia started to to notice that Paul was hiding something, but did not want to ruin the surprise for Paul. They got back in the car and just started driving until they saw an exit for a salmon hatchery because it had a nice area for them to walk along the Columbia river. As they were walking, Paul got down on one knee and asked Olivia to be with him forever and marry him. Olivia of course was overjoyed and said YESSSS!
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